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Sunwoo & Company is a highly recognized IP business company with three main fields of focus - Animation Production, Media Distribution and Brand Licensing. These endeavors are led forward with passion and creativity while fully backed up by professionalism and experience. As a top prodco & agency, we take pride in our works, and continuously strive to hit the highest mark.

Brand Licensing

Sunwoo & Company is a seasoned professional in the L&M field, representing both entertainment and lifestyle brands. With the best-in-class licensing partners, we analyze the market and organize schemes to build up brands across diverse categories such as F&B, fashion, cosmetics, accessories, publishing, toys, LBE and so on.

Animation Production

Renowned as an established Netflix Original animation studio, Sunwoo & Company develops and produces top quality content for the global market.

Media Distribution

Through a long-time accumulated client network, Sunwoo & Company distributes both original and third-party content worldwide. We work with a wide range of media partners, from domestic FTVs to global OTTs.